At saint martins they used to call you “The crazy hatgirl” for your creations which always finished with a sculpture on the head made from fabrics, resin and 3d printing. The muse of artists, from basquiat to the writers and up to c125, you inspire rappers and trappers. Even travis s. Took a selfie wearing one of your hats, you are the influencer of the influencers, youtubers all over the web worship you. A shocking stylist for the colours that light up your collections, for the fountains of light that make your shows explosive, disdainful of conventions and seasons. This year you were indifferent as you played up and down the colour scales of violet, burgundy, maroon and deep purple, you lost your head for your shocking aubergine to which you gave the shape of a warrior’ helmet . That you then wore with the lipstick, with a flash of defiance in your eyes.

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