o'solemio - transparent spray spf 50+


Invisible, quick-drying protection. Quick and practical application, even on wet skin and without massaging. Zero residue left on the skin and anti-sand texture.

Ideal for sports. It intensifies the tan and leaves the skin soft and silky. Fragranced with coconut and citrus.

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o'solemio - spray trasparente spf 50+

How to useApply a generous amount before sun exposure - reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming or drying.

Skin TypeAll skin types

Active IngredientsFormulas enriched with cutting-edge active ingredients, developed to prepare and protect the skin during exposure to UVA and UVB rays and to fight the harmful effects caused by Infrared Rays. For a golden, intense and long-lasting tan.

Protected skin and intense tan. It stimulates the natural production of melanin, giving the skin extreme, fast and long-lasting tan thanks to 3 actions:

- PREPARES the skin for sun exposure
- INTENSIFIES and illuminates the color
- PROLONGS the tan over time

The smart photodynamic protection that makes the light and heat of the sun a powerful beauty ally.

BenefitsHydrated and protected skin.

Texture - FormulaZero residue left on the skin and anti-sand texture.

Zero residue left on the skin and anti-sand texture, with argan oil to preserve the skin's softness and elasticity, ideal for sports and to protect tattoos. The sparkling coconut and citrus fragrance makes it perfect also for men.

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