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Belén Collection

Seduzione, eleganza e femminilità.
È arrivata la nuova collezione firmata da 
Belén Rodriguez in collaborazione con 
Diego dalla Palma Milano.

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F/W 2020


At saint martins they used to call you “The crazy hatgirl” for your creations which always finished with a sculpture on the head made from fabrics, resin and 3d printing. The muse of artists, from basquiat to the writers and up to c125, you inspire rappers and trappers. Even travis s. Took a selfie wearing one of your hats, you are the influencer of the influencers, youtubers all over the web worship you. A shocking stylist for the colours that light up your collections, for the fountains of light that make your shows explosive, disdainful of conventions and seasons. This year you were indifferent as you played up and down the colour scales of violet, burgundy, maroon and deep purple, you lost your head for your shocking aubergine to which you gave the shape of a warrior’ helmet . That you then wore with the lipstick, with a flash of defiance in your eyes.

cruise 2020

Cruise Collection

What are you thinking about, girl with the skates, standing still in an immobility that is impossible for you, for whom movement is your state of grace? Along Ocean drive there is a wavelike and fragmented movement, there were so many skates on the most colorful seafront in the world. Then you arrived, it seems impossible, but with your skates you froze the flow, bringing your harmony and your colors that filter the world around you. As though to impose a new vision of beauty; strong, acid and warm colours, the shades of the sunset before the sun goes down on south beach. Fuchsia, orange and cyclamen, you stopped, distant from that changing world, bringing the gift of the same sensations as a work of art in movement.

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p/e 2020

Spring Summer

Do you remember when you were a young artist in montmartre, but already greatly appreciated by galleries and art lovers? the critics trembled in front of your works and you were transparent in your body and soul, transparent and unbiased. you still have from those days the beret that she lost when you devoured her lips as they were a strawberry and the red of your cheeks: oh yes, flamboyant cheeks for having been so daring, but also because of that burgundy that you sipped shamelessly. do you remember those huge eyes of yours, made even larger by eyeliner, which have always put you in danger, all the more so in Paris, the city of arts, of temptation and of beautiful stories to tell? you are always the same, incorrigible and transparent.

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