Diego dalla Palma Milano is a historic Italian brand known for its expertise in makeup, skincare and hair care. Its long experience allowed the iconic brand to create an all-round beauty world renowned for the high professionalism and performance of its products.

Diego dalla Palma Milano offers a wide range of beauty products, designed and tested in the laboratory for high-level performance. The skincare line features different types of products, suitable for all skin types, from the youngest to the most mature; the hair care range is designed to treat of all types of hair, curly, straight, short, long, dry or oily; the makeup products fully reflect the company's philosophy: to enhance the beauty of every woman, give each of them the opportunity to express themselves through different makeup looks characterised by professional performance that anyone can afford.

The values of Diego dalla Palma Milano have always been elegance, creativity and the search for beauty in every woman. Unique, one-of-a-kind beauty free from the dominant beauty standards. This is exactly what Diego dalla Palma Milano has always been committed to do: helping every woman find her own personal beauty, enhancing it with products that are democratic, affordable and that keep up with innovations in the cosmetic field to offer every woman the best professional performance.

These are the elements that characterise the Diego dalla Palma Milano research, a brand that wants to speak to women from all over the world, making professional beauty and makeup artist products accessible to anyone. A brand that offers luxury quality and luxury products to everyone. For a high-end experience but within the reach of every woman. Because every woman deserves to enhance her beauty with Diego dalla Palma Milano.


Irony is a subtle game that combines style and intelligence. It is the light in the eyes of those who love to truly be themselves. Diego dalla Palma wants to accompany all those women who love to surprise and being surprised. Paradox is in its DNA. The essential nature of black and white, the explosion of colours. Ultra advanced and high-performance, yet extremely easy-to-use, products. Natural and sophisticated, rigorous and eccentric way of being. Always one of a kind.


Each woman is a world of her own. Always atypical. Impossible to capture her essence. Beautiful in her imperfections that Diego dalla Palma loves to transform into her strengths. Diego dalla Palma campaigns are like this. Highly ironic. Never on a pedestal, they speak the same language as women. They are glamorous like those who never take themselves too seriously, because they don't want it and don't need it.


Tireless cosmetic research. Excellent quality and high performance. Boxes and packaging that are inspired not only by fashion, but also by design with essential black & white contrasts. Women love Diego dalla Palma because it gives them the best. A sophisticated, but ironic image. Products that contain the made in Italy excellence, but that know how to be close to their desires and their needs, making everyday life even more special. They are by their side with an all-Italian taste for beauty, elegance, colour and sophisticated clean lines.


Diego dalla Palma. Top brand by nature, perfect alongside the luxury brands of selective perfumery. It stands out because it chooses to propose a new idea of luxury. Contemporary. Concrete. Accessible.

Flawless style and quality at a balanced and affordable price. Women recognise the pursuit of excellence in their favourite brand. They perceive its full value, seeing it as a high-end brand fully in line with their expectations.


The women who work in Diego dalla Palma imagine products that they desire and that do not yet exist. Designed not for the market but for other women. We have an internal R&D department and all formulas are developed and tested in Italy, over and over again. Our makeup philosophy is advanced. The skincare and hair care formulas are innovative and satisfying. Free from ingredients that are harmful to people and the environment. Synergistic and multi-active formulas for a concentration of next-gen ingredients. Textures are lightweight and weightless or rich and luxurious. Subtle and seductive fragrances.


Women love Diego dalla Palma because it is always on their side. And just like their favourite brand, they do not care about appearances, they get straight to the point. They reach what they want and even more. The textures are lightweight as silk and high-performance. Hyper-pigmented colours for always effective results. Cutting-edge technologies, developed to offer maximum professionalism together with easy and quick application. Innovative, safe, tested ingredients, selected to guarantee flawless wear even in the busiest and most overwhelming days. Designed by makeup artists for everyday makeup looks.


From Paris to Beijing, from New York to Copenhagen. Walking into one of the many shops around the world that distribute Diego dalla Palma is always a unique experience. The brand offers its eclectic and creative products in an extremely clear, direct and essential way. It loves to invite its clients to try and experiment freely, at their pace and following their desires. It encourages you to find new inspiration and ideas of beauty. The brand wants to always be close to its clients, so it also counts on travel retail with the duty free shops in the main Italian hubs and on the major international airlines, as well as on a constantly updated online shop.


Diego dalla Palma today. Makeup. Hair care, Skincare. The essence of Italian excellence. A brand that loves women in every way and takes care of their beauty in every aspect. It gives retailers the opportunity to offer a complete range that is fully developed in all three market axes.


Cosmetica Srl, an innovative and dynamic company, has always attached great importance to its international positioning. To this end, it intends to participate in 4 international trade fairs, to continue to increase the awareness of the brand and to expand in the countries of interest. We intend to participate in the following fairs: Dubai World Derma, Tfwa World Exhibition & Conference Cannes 2018, World Exhibition & Conference Cannes 2019 and Tfwa Asia Pacific because we want to promote the range of Diego dalla Palma products in the most important showcases in the world. The objective is to consolidate the current market shares and to create new collaborations, seeking new customers and consequently acquiring greater business opportunities in an ever-changing international scenario. Important outcomes are expected from the participation in these events in terms of increased turnover and number of contacts with new potential customers.