bepure - smoothing tonic serum


Fresh moisturizing toner with a gentle toning and rebalancing action, it creates a thin protective film on the skin for an instant lifting effect. Gentle formula, alcohol and preservative-free. Does not burn your eyes.

It can be used not only as a toner, but also as:

- moisturizing gel

- after-sun gel

- pre-makeup lifting serum

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How to useEvery day, morning and evening, soak a cotton pad and gently pat onto face and neck. Then apply the cream that best suits your skin type.

Note: for uses other than toner, pat directly onto the face with your fingertips.

Skin TypeAll skin types

Active IngredientsCell Detoxium:
Cell detoxification active ingredient that promotes the formation of "autophagosomes", intracellular vesicles that absorb and degrade toxins and altered cellular components, promoting the elimination of toxic and waste substances from the cells. The skin's balance is restored and the skin is ready to receive the active ingredients of the following treatments.

Mineral oils
Propylene glycol

BenefitsToned and lifted skin.

Texture - FormulaFluid texture that creates a thin and comfortable protective film that smooths and moisturises the skin.

It can be used not only as a toner, but also as a moisturizing gel, as after-sun gel or pre-makeup lifting serum if applied directly with your fingertips patting until completely absorbed.

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