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The gift of the dreams with Diego della Palma Milano Gift Card! 
Let's offer the possibility to come in to the world of Diego della Palma products!

Choose the official Diego della Palma Gift Card, usable only in our online shop. 

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Gift Card - Diego dalla Palma Milano

How to buy your giftcardOn our online shop you can buy Diego della Palma Gift Card of 25, 50, 75 e 100€. After finishing the purchasing, we’ll send you an email with a code to give to whoever you want.

How to use your giftcardDiego dalla Palma Milano gift card are usable only on our online shop. You only need to enter the code we sent you by email! And what about if I don’t use the entire amount of the Gift Card? Don’t worry, you can use it on the next purchasing. 

Validity of the Gift CardA year from the purchase date

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